Thursday, December 10, 2009

Video: BMW M6 vs Mercedes CLK 63 AMG Black Series

In this video the boyz at Edmund’s Insideline pit Mercedes’ brutal 507Hp 6.3-litre V8 powered CLK 63 AMG Black Series against BMW’s savvy-tech M6 Coupe which is fitted with the same 507Hp strong V10 engine that’s used in the M5. Theoretically, the CLK 63 AMG aims head straight at the forthcoming BMW M3 CSL, but with a hefty $136,000 price tag (vs $109,000 of the specific M6), the Benz hasn’t the comfort to choose with whom it competes with. However, judging from the video, the CLK 63 AMG Black Series gives the M6 more than it bargained for.

Via: Insideline

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