Saturday, December 26, 2009

Peugeot Design Competition : The 30 Finalists, Sort Of..

The 5th edition of Peugeot’s well-known Design Competition that was launched at the Beijing Motor Show on 20 April 2008 has entered its second phase with the release of the 29 projects (out of a total of 2,500) that made it the final round. You may wonder why 29 and not 30 projects as said in the title of the article. Well, although Peugeot supported in a previous press release that 30 design projects will make it the final round, we ‘only’ found 29 finalists at the dedicated minisite.

And while that may be an innocent ‘typo’, someone at Peugeot should take a look at the minisite since there seems to be some sort of problem as several design projects like the 1009 Concept from Edwin van der Mark and the Ego from Emre Yazici aren’t visible –we tried more than one browser without any luck. In any case, the next phase of the design competition will take place on September 16 with the announcement of the ten finalists selected by the jury.

On October 2, on the Peugeot stand at the Paris Motor Show, the French automaker will announce the name of the winning designer who will see his proposition produced in a 1:1 scale model and shown to the public in April 2009, at the Shanghai Motor Show in China.

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