Saturday, December 26, 2009

Peugeot 207 SW: Leak, La Partie II...

What was it; a week ago (late March) that we showed you the first leaked official images of the 207 SW? Well, here we are it again with a bunch of new images. Just to spice things up we also obtained some preliminary info on the 207 SW that’s expected to be officially unveiled in the next 48 hours. First of all, let us say once again that we dig the SW’s appearance. Now to the specs. Measuring in at 4.160 mm, the SW is 130 mm longer than its hatchback sibling with whom it shares the same wheelbase (2.540mm) thus meaning that all the extra length has gone into the trunk which can fit 337-litres of luggage. Comparatively, the 207 hatch boasts a capacity of 270-litres while the outgoing, 4.028 mm long, 206 SW, 313-litres.

Engine wise the production version of the 207 SW Outdoor will be initially offered with a choice of three petrol motors 1.4-litres 75Hp, 1.4-litres 95Hp and 1.6-litres 120Hp and two diesels, 1.6HDI with 90 and 100 Hp.

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