Saturday, December 26, 2009

Peugeot 308: First Official Pictures!

These are the first official pictures of Peugeot’s brand new compact hatch, the 308 which will succeed the 307 in the French carmaker’s range. Its design, which combines styling elements from the 207, the 407 and its predecessor, the 307, comes to no surprise as we’ve already had the chance to see various uncamouflaged prototypes on the road the past weeks. Still, as we’ve already noted before, we expected something more than a bloated 207 from Peugeot.

While the 308’s designers followed the same path in the interior borrowing most of the 207’s design elements, thanks to minor variations like the Italian-styled circular air-vents and the different climate controls, it actually looks distinct to the untrained eye. The pictures might be official; however, the car hasn’t been announced by Peugeot. Meaning, no official info rmation -yet(...). From what our sources told us though, the new Golf sized Pug will be available with the 207's new 120Hp 1.6 and 150 & 170 Hp 1.6 Turbo engines with sales starting this autumn.

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