Monday, December 14, 2009

Mazda Miata / MX-5 based Ford Mustang Replica!

Stop by and check out their giant selection of
Ford Mustang Decals.

Here at Carscoop we just l-o-v-e replicas and thank the Motor-Gods, there’s plenty of them out there. Our latest scavenge bought to our attention our second Miata replica, the M1stang, or better call it the Miata Stang. The man behind Mustang Replica is custom car builder and Stang enthusiast Bill Carnes. Practically, every single exterior component of the Miata -apart from the windshield frame and the roof top, is replaced with new steel body panels that are shortened and welded or bolted to the chassis. The base conversion price starts at $12.999 plus tax (€9.500) and doesn’t include painting and interior mods. The kit can be used on all previous gen Miatas (1990-2005).

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