Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mazda Kazamai Crossover Concept Coming to Moscow Show

Mazda has revealed the first official images of an all-new compact crossover vehicle called the Kazamai which will debut at the Moscow International Automobile Salon (MIAS) on Tuesday 26 August. According to Mazda, the Kazamai which means “swirling crosswinds” in Japanese gives us a good indication of where the company is going with a possible future compact crossover. The concept features a four-wheel drive powertrain that consists of a next-generation direct-injection engine and a newly-developed transmission.

If you’re wondering why Mazda chose the Moscow Show over the forthcoming Paris Salon in October to perform the worldwide premiere of the Kazamai, Russia is already Europe’s largest auto market surpassing even Germany and compact SUV / Crossovers are the country’s the second-largest segment, representing about 13% of all new car sales.

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