Monday, December 7, 2009

Lexus Studying High-Performance Hybrid Models

Even if you’re the type of guy who’d laugh at someone who supported that McPherson is a suspension layout and not a catwalk model, there's no way you wouldn't associate hybrids with Lexus. So, isn’t weird that Lexus has yet to present a high-performance hybrid model? It certainly is, and we were more than puzzled when Lexus announced that the IS-F (click here) would be powered by a “standard” V8 petrol engine.

However, that might change very soon as Lexus General Manager Jim Farley pointed out in an interview yesterday. “Lexus may build such gasoline-electric models to reach “enthusiast groups'” outside its core market”. Wondering what the first hybrid model of the “F” series might be? That remains a secret for now, but if we'd have to bet our monthly paycheck on it –we’re underpaid if you’re getting any weird ideas, our choice would go to a GS-F model.

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