Monday, December 7, 2009

Lexus IS-F Neiman Marcus - Limited Edition Version

Last time we checked our calendar, it was October but that didn’t deter Lexus from creating a special version of its 400Hp V8 powered IS-F sport sedan for the Neiman Marcus 2007 Christmas catalog of “fantasy gifts”. So, if there’s anyone out there that believes I’ve been a good kid this year, here’s your chance to make me happy for the whole of 2008. It’ll only cost you $68,000 to get me one of the 50 special edition IS-Fs. Plus, even if my neighbor gets an IS-F, my Neiman Marcus will stand out thanks to these exclusive goodies: black with white accent stitching in the cabin; steering wheel with white leather accents; front headrests embossed with an F logo; hand-polished finish on the wheels and a sequentially numbered Special Build badge. You know I earned this...

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