Monday, December 14, 2009

Geneva Preview: Mazda Hakaze Concept

Following the Nagare and Ryuga concepts, which were unveiled at the Los Angeles and Detroit Show respectively, the Hakaze is the third design concept of the series created around the 'Nagare' design language. However, this time, Mazda’s new concept was penned at its European Design Centre in Frankfurt -not that it makes any difference as we find this “Nagare design language” look like a silly imitation of a clam-shell but, what the heck do we know….
Anyhows, at 4,420 mm, the Hakaze is roughly about the same length as the Mazda3 hatchback and according to Mazda’s description, it’s a 4-seat coupe-style compact crossover SUV. And o yeah, its equipped with the Mazda6 MPS’s drivetrain (2.3 Turbo & 4x4).

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