Monday, December 7, 2009

Busted: Aston Martin Vantage Owner Discovers Volvo Logo on Key Fob!

It's a common secret that in order to cut costs, manufacturers share parts among their brands and vehicles. Most of the times though, these parts are hidden from the judgmental eyes of their customers. But accidents do happen as is the case of a Rio Prestige hire customer in the UK that somehow managed to scuff the leather-wrapped key fob of his rental Aston Martin V8 Vantage only to discover a big fat "Volvo" logo lying underneath!

We all know that even after the sale of Aston Martin from Ford to a consortium led by Prodrive boss Dave Richards (though Ford still maintains a stake in the company), the British sport marque continues to make use of the Blue Oval's spare parts bin and especially from Volvo.

But you would have imagined that when it comes to vehicles like the V8 Vantage which cost a small fortune, Aston Martin would have the decency to take the time to remove any decals or logos from parts that are derived from significantly cheaper and less upscale models. If anything else, the price tag on these cars would more than cover the expense and save them from the embarrassment...

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