Monday, December 7, 2009

Aston Martin One-77 Supercar Photos Leaked!

So much for Aston Martins attempts to keep its forthcoming One-77 supercar (partially) under covers; a Dutch website has just unleashed a set of pictures revealing all the juicy design details of the limited edition model. Judging by the black headlights, we gather that these photos depict a prototype version -quite possibly even a clay model. Nevertheless, this is what the One-77 will look like when it hits the roads sometime in 2009. -Continued

While clearly recognizable as a modern Aston Martin, the One-77 is more aggressively styled than its less extravagant stable mates. Unique features include the Xtra large side air vents which sort of bring to mind the ones found on the SLR McLaren and the 'flat-faced' front end with the tear-like air vents under the headlamps.

According to the British firm, the One-77 is based on a sophisticated carbon fibre chassis with a handcrafted aluminium body and it is equipped with a 7.3 litre V12 engine putting out approximately 700HP. Production of the supercar is said to be limited to 77 units -hence the name- each priced at around £1,050,000 (about $1.65 million or €1.3 million) excluding VAT and all the other taxes that go into the purchase.

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