Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What's in a Name: Chilean and Brazilian Chevy Vectras

In the beginning we wanted to write about the new Chilean market Chevrolet Vectra but for no particular reason we decided to spend some time looking into GM's global crate of nameplates. Now, pay attention because you may get lost in translation: in Europe, GM's execs scraped the Vectra name as it was considered synonymous with "boring" in favor for the more snazzy "Insignia". In Chili, the current Chevy Vectra which is the same car as the outgoing European Opel / Vauxhall Vectra will be physically replaced by the Insignia but for some reason, the new mid-size sedan will retain the same name as before.

Moving east to Brazil and Argentina, GM thought it would be a good idea to patch the Vectra nameplate on the Chevy branded, third-generation Opel Astra sedan and hatchback models. However, in the same two South American countries, Chevrolet continues to sell Opel's previous, second-generation subcompact model as the Astra! And just for the record, the Omega nameplate that once decorated Opel's last, range-topping RWD sedan, is now used on Chevrolet's Brazilian market Holden Commodore aka the Pontiac G8... Don't you just love GM's name-sharing bin; nothing ever goes wasted!

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