Monday, December 21, 2009

VW’s Retro Bonanza Bike: It's the '70's all over again

If you’re the kind of nostalgic type who never quite managed to get over the “nein” that you received from your dad back in 1976 when you asked him for that three speed, banana-seat bicycle, then here’s your chance to relive your childhood fantasy. VW’s retro Bonanza Bike is a cult bicycle that is an exact replica of the famous 1976 model.

Just like the original, the Bonanza features a detailed 3-speed gear lever console replica, hub gears and back-pedal brake, chromed-steel high-riser bars with bell and mirrors, chromed steel rims, Kenda tyres, black with a white reflecting stripe, front drum brakes and last but not least, the characteristic black banana seat with red rally stripes. The Bonanza is available for sale at VW shops.

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