Sunday, December 20, 2009

Video: Man takes his Mitsubishi Outlander for a catastrophic joyride in Mall!

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I don’t know what the heck going around this man’s head when he decided to take a stroll with his Mitsubishi Outlander SUV in the Augusta Mall but he sure gave another meaning to the term... party crasher! Listen to what Lt. Tony Walden of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office had to say about the incident: "He drove through locked glass doors. Continued through the mall and made a left turn and proceeded toward where the new food court is. When he gets to the new food court, the vehicle turns right. The vehicle then drives through those glass doors and exits the mall".

Finito la musica? No cause once the man drove out the Mall, he resisted arrest from the Richmond County deputies. As you can see from the surveillance video he was quite pissed at the officers and at some point he actually attacked them! In the end though, thanks to a pint of pepper spray, the deputies managed to restrain the distraught driver and arrest him.

Via: WindingRoad Info: NBC

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