Monday, December 14, 2009

SEMA Show: Mazda CX-7 Adrenaline 300Hp

Mazda's 2007 CX-7 received the "Sin City" treatment at this years SEMA show. Staring of with the engine, Mazda re-tuned the CX-7's 2.3 turbo motor (modified intake system, header with a free-flow exhaust and more boost from the re-plumped turbo) thus, increasing output to 300Hp (stock, 244Hp).

The "yellow-mellow" Adrenaline's exterior attributes include new styling front and rear, a clam shell front clip, wrap around rear spoiler and an innovative rear glass design. New fenders and doors give Adrenaline a three-inch wider overall stance. Wheel wells are filled out through the fitment of wheels with a larger-than-stock offset (22" alloys and 285/35-R22 Yokohama tires). Inside, Adrenaline boasts fresh new colors and materials, including all-new audio and interior functions

Colours apart, this souped up CX-7 actually looks quite good and in my opinion, Mazda should consider carrying on some styling elements (ex. the front fascia) to the stock version latter on.

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