Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Opel Insignia: Official Spy Shots and Details on the Creation of Camouflaged Prototypes!

Opel’s UK subsidiary, Vauxhall has released a set of official images featuring camouflaged prototypes of the upcoming Insignia sedan that will replace the Vectra in Europe and most possibly, the Saturn Aura in the North American market. Whilst the photos give us an all round view of the Insignia that will be officially unveiled at the British Motor Show on July 22nd, that wasn’t why Opel / Vauxhall released the images. Instead, GM’s brand wants to explain to us the reasons and the art behind the creation of camouflaged prototypes.

Usually, press releases are as intriguing as watching a pair of flies make love (we would have been more vulgar but you get our point…), but not this one. Opel / Vauxhall give us an interesting inside view on what goes around behind the scenes. For example, we learn that the carmaker created a special flowing rear section to hide the car’s arse, so a pronounced spoiler was designed to mask it. A wooden model was built as a cast to form the plastic camouflage parts needed for around 200 test cars that have to be disguised in the run-up to series production.

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