Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Opel Insignia Gets Camera System that Reads Signs and Alerts Drivers

The new Opel Insignia that’s set to go on sale in Europe later this year will be offered with an optional dual-function camera that not only reads speed limit and no-overtaking signs and displays them on the instrument panel, but also alerts drivers when they unintentionally veer out of their lane.

Called “Front Camera System”, it utilizes a front mounted high-resolution camera located between the windscreen and the rear-view mirror that can take 30 pictures per second along with two signal processors that filter and read the photos.

Depending on light conditions, the system’s Traffic Sign Recognition function begins to repeatedly read signs at 100 metres. When a match is found in the car’s software, the sign is displayed in the instrument panel; it will even prioritise a no-overtaking sign over a speed limit warning sign.

When the Lane Departure Warning function is turned on, the system uses a second signal processor and software to read traffic lanes and record a driver’s normal lane-changing behaviour, taking into account steering input and indicator usage. If the system detects any deviation from the road, then an audible and visual warning is sent from the instrument panel in order to prevent preventing any hazardous situations.

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