Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Opel Corsa SUV

GM Europe execs have already confirmed that Opel and Chevrolet will present an all-new compact SUV/Crossover based on an extended Corsa platform and built at GM’s Antwerp site in Belgium in 2009/2010. According to the guys at Autoexpress who cite insides sources, Opel’s version will look a lot like the CGI’s you’re seeing here

But what are we looking at? Well, simply put, a beefed-up 5door Corsa with bigger bumpers, a protective metal skidplate and integral spotlights at the front along with extended wheelarches and side sills with more plastic cladding at the rear. Maybe it’ll look like this maybe it won’t. Personally, we hope that Opel will take a more venturous road with their small SUV.

Source: Autoexpress , Via:

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