Wednesday, December 23, 2009

NISMO Prepped Nissan 370Z Photo Hits the Web

Nissan might have been successful in keeping the all-new 2009 370Z under cover until the release of the first official photos earlier this week, but its in-house performance division NISMO (abbreviated from Nissan Motorsport) didn't manage to do the same. From our experience, this leaked photo of a NISMO accessorized 370Z (called Fairlady Z in Japan) looks like it's the real deal. The sports coupe pictured here features a full bodykit that includes a rear wing, side sills, a rear diffuser housing a new set of tailpipes and larger alloy wheels. Understandably, we're not aware of the mechanical upgrades that will be offered by NISMO but expect to see several goodies for the V6 engine, suspension, brakes and the interior.

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