Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mitsubishi Tokyo Show Concepts Picture Update

We just did a follow up today on Mitsubishi’s Tokyo Show line-up (see here) and discovered that the Japanese firm has added several new images of both the i MiEV and ZT concepts. In a nutshell, the i MiEV Sport is a 2-seater roadster based on the “i” mini equipped with in-wheel electric motors in the front and a single motor in the rear driving the rear wheels. The 4,950 mm or 195-inches long ZT is a sports sedan powered by 188 Hp 2.2L diesel engine mated to Mitsubishi’s Twin Clutch Sport Shift Transmission (SST). There’s a good chance that the ZT could be previewing the next generation Galant. That’s the US market model cause in Japan, the Lancer is sold as the Galant Fortis

i MiEV SPORT Specifications

Overall length : 3,450 [mm]
Overall width : 1,600 [mm]
Overall height : 1,400 [mm]
Wheelbase : 2,550 [mm]
Track (F/R) : 1,405/1,405 [mm]
Seating capacity : 2 + 2
Motors : Permanent magnetic synchronous motors
Front: In-wheel motors / Rear: Single motor
Max. output : Front: 20kW ; Rear: 47kW
Max. torque : Front: 250 Nm ; Rear: 180 Nm
Max. Speed : 180km/h
Range (10 - 15 Mode) : 200km
Tires : 175/40R17
Concept-ZT Specifications

Overall length : 4,950 [mm]
Overall width : 1,820 [mm]
Overall height : 1,440 [mm]
Wheelbase : 2,815 [mm]
Track (F/R) : 1,555/1,555 [mm]
Seating capacity : 4
Engine : Clean diesel engine
Max. output : 140kW
Max. torque : 400 Nm
Transmission : Twin Clutch SST
Tires : 255/35R20

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