Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mitsubishi Lancer Sports Sedan– Official

Before we get down to the details let me say this first: what a let down! Jeez, what happened to that sexy prototype we saw last year? And ok, I understand that it was supposed to preview the top-notch EVO, but damn it, the car we’re looking at these pics looks like a misprint of the original EVO-X concept. The front looks a bit like a Volvo, the rear a bit like an Alfa and the whole thing well, just looks uninspiring.

What a shame, lets just hope that the EVO X will live up to our expectations. Apart from the pics Mitsubishi also gave out yet another teaser press release –we remind you that they did the same a few weeks ago when the released the sketch of the Lancer. In a synopsis, the release informs us that the new North American market Lancer uses a larger body than the current model, with an overall length of 4570 mm (35 mm longer), overall width of 1760 mm (65 mm wider), overall height of 1490 mm (60 mm taller) and wheelbase of 2635 mm (35 mm longer).The Lancer Sports Sedan uses the same next-generation platform employed by the company's Outlander on-road SUV and it’s powered by 152Hp 2.0-liter DOHC MIVEC engine mated to a 6-speed SportronicR CVT transmission. Some trim levels are offered with steering wheel mounted paddle shifters. The 2008 Lancer will make its public debut at the 2007 NAIAS show in January.

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