Sunday, December 20, 2009

MINI Convertible Dresses Up for "I Kissed a Girl" singer, Kate Perry

You may not know her by her name, but we're pretty sure that you've heard Kate Perry's 2008 pop song, "I Kissed a Girl". So what has MINI got to do with Kate Perry, we hear you ask? Well, the British automaker decided to create a "Kate Perry" style Convertible for this year's Life Ball event, Europe's largest annual HIV/AIDS charity gathering. At last year's event, MINI came up with an erotic themed Clubman styled by lingerie firm, "Agent Provocateur". The Kate Perry-style Life Ball MINI Convertible 2009 is the work of "The Blonds", aka Puerto Rican Phillipe and US designer David Blond.

Aside from a design mock-up that shows a pink leopard-skinned MINI Convertible, we don't have any specific information on the car so we have no idea what it means to be styled for Kate Perry. Of course we could use our grimy imagination and the lyrics of her only well-known song to come up with an idea or two, but we'll behave - this time...

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