Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lotus Eigne Electric Sports Car Study

The Lotus Eigne is a design study on an electric sportscar with a 3+1 seating arrangement that was created by David Fearnley, a graduate from the Transportation Design Course at Northumbria University. The Eigne’s powertrain consists of four in-wheel electric motors that offer the sports car rear biased four-wheel drive. The electric motors are powered by a set of batteries that are sandwiched in the floor pan.

According to Fearnley, this solution not only keeps the batteries cool and lowers center of gravity for better handling, but it also eliminates any obstacles on the floor pan allowing a 3+1 seat layout. In the Eigne, the driver sits in the centre of the cabin having two passenger seats on each side and a baby-seat positioned directly behind him. Due to the central driving position, Fearnley designed the Eigne’s doors to incorporate a section of the roof in order to allow a larger access point to step in the interior

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