Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lotus Celebrates 60th Birthday with $266,500 Diamond-Set Europa

Continuing its 60th anniversary celebrations, Lotus has produced a real gem of a car, and we mean this literally as the customized Europa coupe has received a special treatment from East Anglia’s diamond specialists, Winsor Bishop. The diamond-set Europa which is valued at £150,000 (€188,300 or $266,500) will be launched at Lotus’ birthday celebrations in Hethel, Norfolk on Sunday 14th September 2008.

Overall, Winsor Bishop supplied Lotus with around £111,000 (€139,400 or $196,500) worth of diamonds which have been applied to the bespoke gear knob, controls, rev counter, speed dials and the Lotus nose-badge

Other than that, the one-off Europa features a special leather trim whilst on the outside, Lotus applied an exclusive paint finish with a high gloss black base adorned with tiny glass flakes giving the appearance the car has been showered with diamonds. Tinted glass and black and silver wheels complete the scheme. -

Mike Kimberley, Group Lotus CEO had this to say about the bespoke Europa, “I’m always proud to launch a special edition Lotus and this commemorative, bespoke Lotus for our Diamond Anniversary is very special indeed. We are a global, high technology engineering consultancy and sportscar company and reaching this special milestone demonstrates our tenacity and creativity as much as our expertise and professionalism.”

Understandably, the commemorative Lotus Europa that will be on display in Hethel will be fitted with replica diamonds so don’t go try picking out anything shiny…

Images edited by Carscoop

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