Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lexus Nuaero Concept Study - With Video

While no one would blame you if you thought that Nuaero was some sort of attempt to reintroduce the Batmobile as a Lexus, fact is that the concept study is the work of Royal College of Art’s graduate Jon Radbrink, who created the futuristic Lexus as part of his final project at the Vehicle Design course. The Lexus Nuaero is supposed to be a mid-size luxury car with an overall length of 4,730 mm or 186-in and a wheelbase of 3,300 mm. The width is 1,999 mm and the height is 1,245 mm. Radbrink supports that the Nuaero was designed to use lightweight materials helping keep its weight just over 800 kg (1,763 lbs) or roughly the same as the diminutive Smart Fortwo. -Continued

Although definitely unique, the Nuareo’s design is more about aerodynamics than looks. “My Lexus Nuaero concept proposes a new design language to communicate ecological efficiency through an architecture inspired by aerodynamics. I’ve been looking at different basic principles and ideas about aerodynamic efficiency and then combined them into a unique vehicle architecture. Usually aerodynamics is a final stage in car design, so this project kind of started where most projects finish,” said Radbrink.

One of the most distinctive features of the Nuaero is the flowing catamaran underbody that ends in a massive venturi tunnel between the rear wheels. According to Radbrink, the catamaran-style underbody was made possible thanks to the in-wheel electric motors that power the car and the hub-center steering.

Inside the Nuaero proposes a spacious interior centered around a multi-point touch screen dashboard where the driver can re-arrange the controls and information to his personal preferences.

If you like using your feet as well as your hands when driving, then you may not be fond of Radbrink’s idea of concentrating all the controls on the steering wheel. “Since the car is powered by electrical motors, there is no transmission and you brake intuitively by pushing the steering wheel away from your body,” said Radbrink. No pedals; no transmissions; no oil leaks; no rattling gasoline engines; those futurists sure know how to take the fun out driving…

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