Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lexus LFA Online Configurator Launched, and yes, 'Passionate Pink' is Offered on the Menu...

For a Ferrari and Lamborghini challenging supercar with a hefty $375,000 price tag, one would expect that Lexus and its parent company Toyota would at least avoid offering any sort of "Fast and Furious" style paint options as well as the ability to customize the vehicle's interior with weird color combos on the all-new 553HP V10-powered LFA sports car. Well, think again.

As you can find out for yourselves by fooling around with the just launched LFA online configurator, you can "rice-up" the Japanese supercar in variety of eccentric exterior colors including 'Passionate Pink' and 'Lavender' that can be combined with colored calipers and three different shades for the alloy wheels.

And that's not all. Lexus also offers the ability to customize the LFA's interior by choosing diverse colors for the seats, the steering wheel, the carpet, the headliner, the door panels and lower part of the dashboard, just to mention a few.

Unfortunately for some, bobble heads, racing stripes and underbody neon lights are not available at the time...

Link: Lexus LFA

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