Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lexus LF SS Concept by Jin Hee Kim

Lately there seems to be an abundance of concept proposals all over the net from independent designers -professional or amateur. The most recent one to fall upon our hands is the Lexus LF SS which is a somewhat futuristic study for a next-generation Lexus GS created by Jin Hee Kim. According to the designer, while the premium sports sedan concept features the same wheelbase length as the current GS, the two vehicles differ significantly in their styling, drivetrain and packaging. -Continued

Jin Hee Kim supports that the LF SS has been designed to accommodate a hybrid drivetrain that comprises a V8 petrol engine and an electric motor backed up by a dye-sensitized solar cell which is a relatively new type of low-cost solar cells.

Taken as a whole, we'd say that Jin Hee Kim's styling proposal for the new GS ain't so bad but if we had a say in it, we'd tell him to completely rework the concept's front end as it looks like a swollen belly about to burst.

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