Monday, December 7, 2009

Lexus IS Coupe-Cabrio: The Missing Link?

All kinky and wet? Too bad, cause the Lexus IS CC you’re looking at above is nothing more and nothing less than a CGI (Computer Generated Image), scanned from Japanese car magazine, “Car-Top”, and based on pure speculations. Bummer. Before we start sinking in our chair in shame, we’ll happily accept your props for the worst possible way to start an article concerning a scoop. Still haven’t scrolled down to our next post or even worse… to another blog? Guess then we should give you a reason for the article’s existence. Ok, here goes; speculations or not, we believe that the IS CC would be the perfect addition in Lexus’ line-up. Not only sales-wise but also image-wise.

Look at Lexus’ current range: IS, GS, LS, ES, SC, RX, LX and the GX. SC apart, it’s all about family sedans and SUV’s. Now, check out the competition. With the exception of Cadillac, every serious luxury car manufacturer has a mid-sized, 4seater coupe or/and a cabriolet in their line-up: BMW 3-Series Coupe & CC, Audi A5 Coupe, Mercedes CLK Coupe & Cabriolet and Infiniti G35 Coupe. Heck, even Volvo has one, the C70.

Agreed; the upcoming IS-F can boost Lexus’ sporty image -potentially cause don’t forget what happened to Volvo’s "R" range. Why not have a back-up plan with a mid-size coupe-cabriolet? Not only will it appeal to a wider audience than the IS-F, but also it can seriously help Lexus in its European conquest. Even if you look at it from a marketing point, take out the mid-sized, 4seater coupes and soft-tops and here’s what’s left: 3-Series Convertible & C70. Moreover, from those two, only the bimmer is considered to be sporty. It’s a win-win situation if you ask us. Picture via: Nihon

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