Monday, December 21, 2009

Legway: Back to the Future Step-Powered Segway

You may not have had the chance to ride one but we're pretty sure you all know about the electric-powered, two-wheeler Segway. Well, here's the ultimate eco-friendly alternative to the Segway, which is called by its creator the Legway in reference to the propulsion system. And yes, you guessed right; this home-made two-wheeler is 'step-powered'.

The maker of the 'steampunk' styled Segway has published detailed instructions on the web on how to build a Legway of your own at home. However, as you may have already figured out by looking at the pictures, this outmoded two-wheeler doesn't come with any-type of stabilization system so if by any rare chance you decide to build one, you better be extra careful when you take it for a spin.

Via: Instructables

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