Monday, December 21, 2009

KTM X-Bow official – Powered by Audi S3’s 2.0 TFSI engine

A few months ago, specifically in March, we posted an article concerning KTM intentions of building a sports roadster in collaboration with Audi. Well times up as KTM just came out with official sketches of the two-seater roadster that’s called "X-Bow". The Austrian motorcycle company -or shall we say motorcycle-car company now, announced that the X-Bow will make its premiere at the Geneva Show in March. Sales are expected to start in autumn 2007 with the X-Bow carrying a base price of about 40.000 euros.

As for the technical details, while where still waiting for more official information, we know that KTM’s version of the Lotus 340R will weigh just under 700 kg (a little over 1,500 pounds) and it will be powered by various versions of VW Group’s 4cylinder 2.0 TFSI engine. The base edition will be fitted with a 220 Hp version (in the Golf GTI the same engine delivers 200 Hp) while the top spec X-Bow will have an output of nearly 300 Hp, topping even the 265 Hp Audi S3 which wears the most powerfull version of the Groups 2.0 TFSI motor up to now. Power will transferred to the rear wheels by a six speed manual gearbox and optionally, through Audi’s superb DSG semi-auto transmission.

The 3,6 metre long X-Bow will use a carbon fiber Monocoque chassis built by racing car specialist, Dallara. Well get back on the X-Bow as soon as we have more official info.

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