Thursday, December 3, 2009

KTM X-Bow – New Image Gallery

Our friends over at have acquired a new set of images featuring the upcoming KTM X-Bow sports-roadster. Well, to be exact what we’re seeing here is pictures of a fully-detailed 1:25 scale model that KTM made to test the X-Bow’s aerodynamics in the wind-tunnel. But no need to get worried as in a months time we’ll see the real X-Bow as KTM will unveil it at the Geneva Motor Show in March. We remind you that according to the initial facts the KTM X-Bow will weigh just under 700 kg (a little over 1,500 pounds) and it will be powered by various versions of VW Group’s 4cylinder 2.0 TFSI engine. Sales are expected to start this autumn with the X-Bow carrying a base price of about 40.000 euros. Via: -Continued: Click “Read More…” below to see the rest of the image gallery

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