Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Geneva Preview: Opel to present new concept

On March 5, at the opening of Geneva Motor Show, GM’s European subsidiary will unveil a brand-new concept. That we’ve known for some time now thanks to GM Europe's Geneva Show site. What we don’t know is what kind of concept car Opel’s talking about. Even though we discovered an official teaser pic from the German firm, I’m pretty sure that you’ll agree with us that it’s not much of a help. So for know, we’ll have to be content with rumors we’ve been hearing here and there saying that Opel could be previewing a concept version of the all-new Vectra sedan that's expected to go on sale in mid 2008. Figures, once Americans got a taste of the Opel Vectra in the form of the Saturn Aura, it was time for the Europeans to get their hands on an all-new version... Pic via: Autowerld

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