Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Frankfurt Preview: Opel E-Flex Concept

Chevrolet’s electric powered Volt Concept has just discovered its European alter ego in the form of Opel’s, Frankfurt Show E-Flex Concept. The two concepts share the same basic architecture underneath their differently styled bodies. The only variation is that, whereas the Volt was equipped with a turbocharged, 1.0lt, three-cylinder gasoline engine, the E-Flex takes advantage of Opel’s 1.3lt turbo diesel engine. However, the basic principles remain the same as both models are powered by a front-mounted electric motor that runs on electric power until the Lithium-ion batteries are drained out.

Once that batteries are dead, the diesel engine kicks in to “feed” the onboard generator producing electricity while the car is operating. The electricity is then stored in the batteries. As with the Volt, the E-Flex’s Lithium-ion batteries can be recharged by plugging into an electrical outlet. We’ll have more on the E-Flex as soon as Opel releases all the details.

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