Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First Official Pics of Opel Insignia’s Interior

These are the very first official shots of the soon-to-be-launched Opel Insignia’s interior, or to be precise, the UK market Insignia that bears the Vauxhall logo. While we had the chance to get a glimpse of the mid-size sedan’s interior in a series of leaked (low-res) images back in April, these official pictures from Vauxhall allow us to see the cabin in high-resolution detail.

The Insignia, which could come to the States as a Saturn, features a relatively sporty wrap around interior design that has nothing in common with the Vectra’s ultra conservative cabin. Highlights include chronometer-inspired instruments and a unique instrument cluster lighting which is illuminated white, but on pressing the ‘Sport’ button, the lighting turns red to match the surrounding illumination

“This is a paradigm shift for Vauxhall,” says John Puskar, Executive Director of Interior Design at GM Europe. “We wanted to create interior environments for all our future vehicles that are warm, inviting and sporty. The Insignia is the first evidence of this philosophy.”

“Every detail was meticulously thought through,” says Jochen Werner, Insignia’s Assistant Chief Interior Designer. “We even tipped the infotainment centre at a 30 degree angle to allow the centre console to flow and give the car’s cabin a greater feeling of spaciousness.”

Along with the official high-res interior pics, Vauxhall also released new exterior images of the Insignia in a lusty black colour.

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