Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fiat Group Postpones Lancia's U.K. Re-launch Indefinitely

The Fiat Group seems to be making a habit out of announcing plans for the reintroduction of one of its brands in key markets and then, for whatever reasons, it postpones its plans - e.g. Alfa Romeo's return to the U.S... The Latest victim of this "policy" is Lancia as Fiat announced that it will delay the production of right-hand drive version for an indefinite period. "Given the current global economic crisis, Fiat Auto has taken the decision to delay the reintroduction of the Lancia brand in right-hand-drive markets beyond 2009," said Fiat in a statement."

Furthermore, Britain's Autocar magazine was told by a Fiat UK insider that there was no sense in importing the new £20k-plus Delta luxury hatchback due to the economic crisis and that the company has no new schedule in place for a later UK roll-out either . "Right now it would be ill-advised to commit to a date on any relaunch of Lancia in Britain," the unnamed Fiat source said.

As for those in the UK that may have put a down payment for the Delta, the Fiat source said that any that had, would be reimbursed.

Via: Autocar

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