Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fiat Abarth Powerplay Extreme: Cool Intel Desktop for Videogamers

If gasoline runs in your veins then you're certainly going to get a kick out of this Abarth branded desktop that was revealed by the firm's parent company Fiat. The "Abarth Powerplay Extreme" is the first fruit of a new collaboration between Fiat's sporty subsidiary and Intel that was begun with the aim of developing state-of-the-art products and electronic devices. The particular high performance desktop with its eye-catching design was produced by Italy's Brain Technology Spa and is powered by the new Intel Core i7 Extreme processor which is supposed to be the most powerful microchip ever produced by Intel.

"The decision to create a product designed for videogamers 'emerged from the realization that this market segment is a rigorous test bench for personal computers. Videogamers are some of the most demanding users, able to assess a computer's real performance and to push it to its highest limits," said Fiat's Abarth division in a statement released to the press.

Abarth and Intel intend to present the high-end desktop all over Europe through the "Intel Friday Night Game", a videogame championship recognized by the Electronic Sports League, in which the best videogamers and teams from over 30 countries compete.

The Italian firm has not announced pricing for the Abarth Powerplay Extreme PC or any details concerning its availability.

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