Tuesday, December 8, 2009

China's BYD Auto launches S6 Lexus RX Clone, Holds European Patent for Design Copyrights...

These are the first photos of BYD Auto's newest proposal in the SUV / Crossover segment, the S6 that is bound to make its debut at next month's 2009 Shanghai Auto Show that runs from April 20 to 28. If you haven't noticed it already, the Chinese automaker's SUV looks remarkably similar to the previous generation Lexus RX350. Sure the S6 has a different grille and revised headlamps / tail lights but unless your paycheck is coming from BYD Auto, few will disagree with us when we say that overall, its design shamelessly copies that of the RX350.

But what makes this story even more intriguing and apparently quite frustrating for Toyota / Lexus officials, is that believe it or not, we discovered that BYD Auto has actually succeeded in patenting the S6's design (see photo gallery bellow) at the European trademark office!

We don't have any other information on the S6 other than it is scheduled to go on sale in China later on in the year. However, what we really would like to find out is what Toyota and Lexus have to say about this latest cloning incident from China.

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