Thursday, December 10, 2009

Carbon or Kevlar Boot Lid for BMW 5-Series and M5 Sedans from Lumma Design

The maker of the outrageous CLR500 RS BMW M5 is now offering owners of the current generation BMW 5-Series and M5 models the chance to outfit their sedans with two 'uber' lightweight boot lids with an integrated spoiler made from either carbon or kevlar. Priced at €4,700, the full carbon bootlid weighs in at 8kg or 17.3 lbs and its exterior is made out of carbon while the interior surface from a mix of carbon and kevlar. According to Lumma Design, carbon is four times more solid than aluminum and 80% lighter than steel.

Buyers with a more limited budget can opt for the kevlar bootlid that weighs 14kg or 30.9 lbs and costs €2,618. In both cases the bootlids are designed to be mounted on the original attachment points.

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