Monday, December 7, 2009

Breaking News: Aston Martin sale to a Prodrive led consortium to be completed by tomorrow

And this time, it looks like it’s for real as according to a report from Daily Telegraph UK, the deal will be signed on Friday in Detroit. "It's a done deal. All that remains is to cross the t's and dot the i's," quoted an unnamed senior source to the newspaper. The buyer is a consortium of business interests from America and the Middle East, led by David Richards, head of the UK motor sport organisation Prodrive.

We remind you that Prodrive has been a long-term partner of the British sports car maker and it runs Aston Martin's racing team. As for the price, it is rumoured that the deal will close at around 500m BP (1bil USD or 750m EUR) meaning that Ford has cut its expectations to half of what it was asking for Aston Martin when it put the British company up for sale last year. Via: Daily Telegraph

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