Thursday, December 10, 2009

BMW M5 CLR 500 RS by Lumma Design debuts in Geneva

Albeit less impressive than Lumma Design’s original sketches suggested, the CLR500 RS is without doubt one of those cars that will never pass unnoticed -blame the eye-popping orange exterior combined with Lumma Design’s optical package that includes 21’’ rims and a wider body (50mm on each side thanks to the supped-up wheel arches). Although I could live with the its extravagant exterior, I think that Lumma went overboard with the interior which looks like someone accidentally spilled vitamin C in it.-

Talking about vitamin C, the German tuner also put a hand in the engine department. Besides optimizing the ECU, Lumma also installed a larger metallic racing catalytic converter and a racing exhaust system. These changes added another 53Hp to the M5’s stock 5.0-liter V10 which now delivers 560Hp. No word out yet on acceleration figures but Lumma announced that it has removed the Vmax limitation thus allowing the Bavarian "clockwork orange" to reach a top speed of 327km/h – 203 mph.

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