Sunday, December 20, 2009

Australian Annual Cost Of Vehicle Ownership Survey

An Australian survey concerning vehicle ownership cost? As strange as it may seem, not only do we like knowing that Lexus is Japanese and Land Rover is British (…), but we also find interesting totally useless stuff like how many bucks will an Aussie block pay to own his 6cylinder Commodore or Falcon. For the record, your average Mike will pay 233.40 & 229.13 AUD par week respectively that translates to €142.1 & 139.5 and $191.2 & 187.7 again, respectively.

The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria’s (RACV) conducted this particular survey and the calculations include the cost of financing the vehicle, depreciation (hence the high numbers we mentioned above), as well as operating costs including scheduled services, registration, insurance, fuel, tyres, etc. We don’t know why, but the Aussies only included Australian and Japanese carmakers along with a couple of Kia’s and Hyundai’s. Follow the jump (click "Read More...") to check out analytical ownership costs per vehicle category.

Standing costs include those incurred on a periodical basis, such as depreciation in the value of the vehicle, interest on the loan, registration, driver’s license and RACV roadside assistance membership.

Running costs include those that result primarily from usage of the vehicle, such as fuel, tyre replacement, service and repairs.

Total Costs combine both Standing and Running costs. They are calculated as an average, based on costs incurred over the first five years of ownership and 15,000 km annual travel distance.

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