Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Aston Martin Rapide V12 Sport Sedan Poses Undisguised Again!

We don't know if Aston Martin is deliberately circulating uncamouflaged Rapide prototypes around parking lots with the hope that some alert car buff will snap a picture or two of the car and create a bit of buzz and excitement on the net before its official unveiling, but for the second time in a few days, we have yet another set of Rapide spy shots! In this case, a white-colored Rapide prototype was caught by Autogespot forum-member, 'Kim' hiding behind a large truck in the parking lot of a highway gas station.

And once again, the Rapide seems to be virtually camouflage-free. Not sure if the white finish works better for you than the previously scooped black colored prototype (click here for the photos), but we rather withhold our final judgment until we see the final production model.

Via: Autogespot (Photos: Kim)

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