Saturday, December 5, 2009

Acura Announces New 2011 TSX Sport Wagon, Based on European Honda Accord Tourer

Even before Honda revealed the controversial Accord CrossTour, U.S. consumers were wondering why the Japanese automaker wouldn't just add the European version of the Honda Accord Tourer to its Acura TSX lineup (the TSX and Euro Accord are virtually identical). Well, Honda has just answered their prayers (now let's see how many of those will actually buy it...) as the company announced today the addition of a TSX Sport Wagon to its 2011 vehicle lineup.

According to the automaker, the TSX Sport Wagon which probably won't differ much from its Euro sibling (see pictures below), will be arriving at Acura dealerships in the Fall of 2010. No other details were released but expect to see a similar engine lineup to the sedan model.

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