Friday, December 4, 2009

Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept – Next gen Honda NSX previewed in Detroit!

Wow, that was fast! Heck, the first generation NSX first went into production only about… 17 years ago. And it’s not over yet till we see the actual production version of Honda’s stunning NSX successor. See, the car in the picture is, according to Honda own word’s, “a concept that provides a glimpse at the next generation Acura exotic sports car”. Unfortunately that’s the only thing we know about the unexotically named, Acura “Advanced Sports Car Concept”. We’ll have more on the NSX concept closer to the opening date of the Detroit Show in January.

If you’re a bit confused about the name, we remind you that while the rest of the world knows the NSX as a Honda, in the US, it came under the name of Acura.

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