Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2010 Mazda3 Concept: Nope, It’s Not Official, It’s Photoshop...

Some of you may have wondered why we didn’t post anything on the Mazda3 Concept images that took the web by surprise yesterday. To be frank, we had discovered these images during the weekend but we were 99% sure they weren’t official. The only problem was we didn’t know where they came from. Of course, we could have created a nice story hiding the real-facts, but that’s not our style.

Today our hunt down finally paid off as we managed to discover the “culprit”. Turns out that these, rather convincing, pictures of a Mazda3 Concept are the work of "Grif-1", a member of the Russian design site, "Render". If anything else, we’ll give our kudos to Grif-1 for doing a wonderful and quite detailed work on the Mazda3 Conc

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