Friday, January 8, 2010

Renault Twingo: French Supermodel Leticia Casta Used To Draw In Young Men

To attract younger, male buyers Renault has hired popular fashion model, Leticia Casta, for an Internet marketing campaign for the all new Twingo that just went on sale in Europe. In an effort to explore a new market, but maintain their original target of middle age women, visitors going to (French only) will have the honour of helping Casta recover her stolen Twingo in a short internet film called "L'affaire Twingo".

People who complete the game can qualify to win a new Twingo. Since the French-language site launched its marketing campaign, they have received more than 700,000 visitors. The completely new Twingo will go on sale June 15th. Using the supermodel to sell products is a marketing strategy dating back to Cindy Crawford and Pepsi. It’s a fool proof tactic. A beautiful woman is sure to grab someone’s attention. However between you and me, a 150Hp+ Twingo RS would more than do the trick

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