Friday, January 8, 2010

Renault Laguna III: Official Release

Qualitative, safe, sleek, practical and cheap to run; these are some of the 2008 Laguna’s most notable characteristics according to Renault’s preliminary press release that came out a day after the official pictures leaked on the web. Then again, all press releases are full of it so we’ll wait until the Laguna “falls” in our hands to see what’s really hidden behind that blunt face.

To be officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September the third-generation Laguna will be available in two versions, 5d hatch and the surprisingly better looking Sport Tourer (station-wagon). The engine range includes four diesel motors -1.5 dCi 110hp and 2.0 dCi in a choice of three versions (130hp, 150hp and 175hp) and two petrol motors, 2.0 16V 140Hp and 2.0 Turbo 175Hp.

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