Friday, January 8, 2010

Renault Laguna III: Premature Leak Of Official Images

So what else is new… Of course, we’re referring to the “premature leak” in the title but whatev. As we’ve already told you in previous posts about the 3rd generation Laguna, we’re surprised with the Ford Mondeo sized sedan’s overly subtle looks -though we kinkily admit that the station wagon managed to grab our attention as did the interior. Guess the subtlety designed or to be blunt, very boring Twingo was the beginning of the end for Renault’s extreme exterior design approach. Maybe that’s for the best: who’d want another Vel Satis? You three weirdos in the back lower your hands…

As you may have noticed, we didn’t get into any details concerning the Laguna III. That’s because all we have for now is unconfirmed information and since the official release is for tomorrow, Monday June 4, 2007, we’ll keep our mouths shut. We could of course go ahead and describe what you’re looking at in the pictures, but we think you’re smart enough to do that by yourselves. Via: Motorpasion

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