Saturday, January 16, 2010

VW Begins Taking Orders for 3.3lt/100km - 71.3mpg Polo BlueMotion, World's Most Fuel Efficient Five Seater

Adding to our tales about fuel efficient cars that you can't get here in the States, is the new Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion. The automaker announced today that it started accepting orders for the supermini that can be bought in Germany for €16,500, or at today's exchange rates, US$24,200.

Powered by a three-cylinder diesel engine, the Polo BlueMotion returns a combined fuel consumption in the EU cycle of just 3.3 lt /100km (71.3mpg US) making it the world's most fuel efficient five-seater car, according to VW, that is.

Just so you can get an idea, in comparison, the larger (and yes, roomier, faster etc, etc) Toyota Prius is rated in Europe at 3.9 lt/100km (60.3mpg US) with prices in Germany starting from €25,450 or about US$37,300.

To achieve this fuel economy, Volkswagen's engineers modified the Polo's three-cylinder diesel engine that produces an output of 75 horsepower and equipped the car with stop-start and energy recovery systems.

In addition, the Polo BlueMotion, weighing in at just 1,150 kg or 2,535 lbs, sports numerous other mods including a nearly closed-off radiator grille, underbody panels, and 15-inch "Greenland" type alloy wheels shod in low rolling resistance tires.

Volkswagen claims that the BlueMotion's fuel consumption was reduced by 22 percent (or 0.9 litre) compared to the conventional Polo with a 75HP TDI while its CO2 emissions were also reduced from 109 to 87 g/km.

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