Tuesday, January 19, 2010

VIDEO: Fox Reporter gets Turned Down by Chrysler Delta Booth Babe or to be Politically Correct (sic...) Female Model

Fox Toledo reporter Barret Andrews toys around in a dorky manner with the cute brunette at the Chrysler Delta Concept stand during an on-camera interview at the Detroit Show. Stop. At the end of the interview he asks her if she's doing anything or if she could give him her phone number. Stop.

Evidently annoyed, she turns the other way and graciously walks away. Stop. We don't know if the scene was part of an act (most likely) or if the guy was serious, but either way, we smirked at both reactions for about 2.17 seconds. Stop. Goofy; yes. Inappropriate / offensive; no. End of story, let's move on to the next post.

Source: Do You Come with the Car , Via: Autoblog.com

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